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Advantages of FragRemover over other fragment removal methods

For the removal of the fractured root canal instruments, different methods and tools are available. However, most of these tools have a very limited range of indications.

The up to now known and commonly used methods are the removal Braiding technique, Removal of Fragments with tongs, Tube techniques (Masserann kit, IRS, Tube-adhesive technology) and ultrasound technology.

When "Braiding" small hand instruments are past the fragment and twisted with the fragment. This technique is only possible for fragments with sufficient space to the channel wall (usually only with Lentulos). The large forces which act in the twisting, may result in breakage of the "braided files".

With the fragment tongs (Stieglitz forceps) you can only remove such fragments without a massive tooth structure weakened ranging up to the pulp chamber.

All Tube techniques are connected with a considerable loss of substance and deeper fragments can be removed only with great loss of root dentin and the accompanying increase in the vertical fracture risk.

Ultrasound technology is the most effective removal method. The removal of substance is relatively low and this method allowes an excellent view of the fragment while excavating. Only with very short fragments (<2mm) the pure ultrasonic technique is the method of choice.

However, for longer fragments (> 2.5 mm) there are considerable difficulties and dangers (loss of substance, secondary fractures
heat damage).

Desirable would be a simple, fast method with less removal of dentin and good visualization for longer, retentive fragments. These criteria are met in full the sling technique with the Fragremover.

By using slender needles and ultrafine wires, a micro-invasive procedure is possible. The Fragment header is preferably exposed circularly with U-Files (ISO 15-20) to a length of only 0.5 mm. Afterwards the wire loop is put around the end of fragment and rejuvenated. The so fixed fragment can then be removed by pull out of the root canal. For highly retentive fragments further exposure may be necessary. However, it must always be prepared less than in pure ultrasound technique. Fragments which range into the periapex can be taken safely without risk to extrude the fragment further.


Advantages of the sling technique with the FragRemover over other removal techniques:

1. maximum protection of the root dentin

2. good removability of long fragments of curvature areas

3. ease of monitoring

4. low risk of secondary fractures

5. secure handling of fragments

6. low thermal load of the periodontal

7. high time savings



Under the menu item “cases” you can get an idea about the efficiency of this technique. All cases presented were dissolved with a prototype of Fragremover.


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