Benefit: You can use any cannula with Luer fitting or purchase cannulas from us at any time.

Wire will be supplied in following


  • 0.075 mm
  • 0.1 mm
  • 0.15 mm
  • 0.20 mm

always 15 meters for € 49.00 excl. VAT.




By turning the adjusting ring, wire loops can easily and very delicately be controlled. A one-handed operation is guaranteed by its firm grip in an optimum manner. Changing cannulas and wires can be achieved within a minute by the assistance




Doppelkanüle: Dimension ca. 0,4x0,2mm, Drahtdicke ca. 0,075mm - 0,09 mm

Double cannula: dimensions
approx. 0.4×0.2mm, wire thickness
approx. 0.075mm – 0.09 mm




Einfachkanüle: Durchmesser ca. 0,3mm - 0,5mm, Drahtdicke ca. 0,075 mm - 0,15 mm

Single cannula: diameter
approx. 0.3mm – 0.5mm, wire thickness
approx. 0.075 mm – 0.15 mm






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